piano Tuning & service


We provide a full range of piano services from the concert stage to your home. feel free to call for more information on both private in home tunings or full concert preparation and voicing.

Q .  Why does my piano go out of tune?


A .   One of the reasons a piano will lose its tuning is the changes in our climatic conditions throughout the seasons.


When the seasons change we feel the difference in our homes and in our own bodies.  Like us, our pianos will feel these changes much the same way.  They react to dryness in winter and high humidity is the summer months. The wood components of the piano will take on and release moisture as the humidity and temperature changes in you home.  As the piano reacts to these changes the tuning is affected.

Other reasons may be due to the age of the piano, fatigue,  damage, or the need for repairs or service.

Q .   When should I have my piano tuned?


A .  Pianos should be tuned at least once or twice a year.  As the temperature and humidity changes the piano will change as well.  tuning the piano will help keep the piano at stable and avoid wide swings in pitch from winter and summer.  Newer instruments may require more frequent tuning for the first few years.  Older instruments may be more stable and can be tuned once per year.


A good rule to remember when planning for tuning is:  Tune 2-3 weeks after the heat has come on for the winter and 2-3 weeks after the air conditioning has come on in the summertime.  this will allow the piano to acclimatize to the changes in the home.