Restoration & rebuilding


Many high quality pianos have stood the test of time and are great examples of craftsmanship and quality.  These piano builders understood the principles quality in design and manufacturing and many of their instruments are serviceable to this day. 

To keep your piano at peak performance capabilities improvements or rebuilding may be required.

As Pianos age, structural and mechanical elements begin to fatigue. Heavy use or prolonged periods between service can speed the rate at which pianos will require attention.  Some pianos may have suffered neglect or harsh environments.  Other circumstances may have contributed to the need for more extensive repairs. 

These pianos can be improved.  By restoring existing parts or installing new components the mechanical piano actions and their response can be restored to factory specifications.

Other more involved structural repairs or rebuilding can restore the tone production and tuning stability of your piano and prolong the life of your instrument.

Let our full service rebuilding facility restore your piano to its original beauty and singing tone.

We enjoy the confidence of all the major American, Asian and European manufactures including Steinway and Sons, Yamaha, Bechstein and Young Chang.  We have access to and use only the highest quality parts for our every restoration and rebuild.